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Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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The Diamond from Within
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The book is a collection of the most IMPACTFUL life-changing strategies that will inspire, motivate and help you to overcome ANY obstacle.

It features the fascinating stories and lessons of 12
people from all walks of life that can change your destiny.

In this extraordinary book you will discover:

  • How to overcome life tragedies
  • The power of acceptance
  • How you can experience more happiness
  • The key ingredients to deal with any challenge
  • How volunteering can turn depression into joy
  • Feng Shui secrets to improve any aspect of your life
  • How to reduce financial stress and create wealth
  • Powerful career pearls of wisdom
  • And much more…

This is the book you have been longing to read!  It’s time to unleash your diamond within…

The chapters in this book are packed with golden nuggets from people just like you… people who faced health challenges, incredible financial setbacks, heart-breaking losses, yet they used their challenges to grow as a person and create a better life.

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The paperback version of the book will be released later this summer for $17,95.

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“The authors are a true inspirations as they share the lessons
they have learned on their journey. They show how taking action will help
to eliminate fear and fill your mind with positive thoughts.”

 – Don Green, CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

These authors will share their inspirational and empowering secrets with you:

Shamayah Sarrucco
Shamayah Sarrucco is a gifted writer who incorporates her extensive business expertise in the books, blogs, and other marketing materials she writes for her clients. She helps entrepreneurs share their empowering messages with the world.
No ImageAileen Soo
Aileen Soo is an award-winning advanced feng shui master. She practices the science in its most effective and authentic form. Aileen is responsible for initiating tangible positive changes worldwide for thousands of families, businesses, organizations, developments, events and special projects.
Minnie Byers
Minnie Byers coaches wealth development and business. She is an Honorary Professor of Direct Sales and Entrepreneurship at Keene College in Keene, Texas. Minnie currently operates an online shopping business and works with health professionals to provide wellness options for their patients, including classes in healthy weight management.
Daryl Byrd
Daryl Byrd is a dentist for over 25 years. He currently is one of only two people in the country who lecture on digital radiography. Dr. Byrd has been published in every major dental magazine and is coauthor of Total Leadership for Men and Women.
No Image James Wade Brooks
James Wade Brooks uses his personal experiences to educate the public about living with and managing Bipolar Disorder. A disabled American veteran, Wade's passion for encouraging people to live healthier and to the right things has changed the course of innumerable lives.
No ImageLisa Gordon
Lisa Gordon is a dynamic, award-winning communications executive who provides strategies that can help people change their current life situations – whether they are starting a or changing a career, seeking balance or trying to identify their life's purpose.
No ImageJoanne Eckton
Joanne Eckton author of Make Your Job Great: How to Step Up , Own Your Space and Get Your Boss off Your Back, is a business performance architect who helps business owners create situations that ensure the right people are in the right jobs and that work flows through the organization smoothly and consistently.
No ImageGlenn Morshower
Glenn Morshower is a Hollywood actor best known for playing "Aaron Pierce" in the Emmy Award-winning TV series 24 and for his role as General Morshower in the Transformers movies. As a motivational speaker, Glenn uses his program The Extra Mile to inspire through storytelling, comedic performance, acting instruction, and life coaching.
No ImageK. Ryn Deitz, Ph.D.
K. Ryn Deitz is a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach, public speaker and consultant. She specializes in helping develop the thoughts, actions, and focus can result in achieving money goals so people can live the lives they want.
No ImageLydia M. Harris
Lydia Harris is a professional writer, event photographer and public/media relations specialist, uses words and pictures to tell stories and to provide solutions for clients by transforming ideas into powerful messages that enhance businesses, groups and individuals. She also is a strong advocate of volunteerism.
No ImageAneissa Van Metre
Aneissa van Metre has a passion for protecting distressed homeowners by advocating for better solutions and policies. She helps protect families from foreclosure and develops systems and methods that result in clear plans to get their financial lives back on track.
No ImageDavid Asarnow
David Asarnow is an authority in accelerated business growth and a certified business coach. He has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales over the last twenty years. His clients have added millions of dollars to their bottom line after implementing his practical sales and business advice. He also is an author, speaker and master business and sales trainer.

Please get me my book!

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Aileen Soo, Feng Shui Master
Value $97
30 minute DVD explaining how Feng Shui can be applied to every space and every aspect of your life. Learn a few simple changes you can make to see and feel a notable difference.
Lydia M. Harris, Writer and Media Relations Consultant
Value $97
How to Create a Newsworthy Press Release: Learn what it takes to get the news media (radio, television, print and internet) to respond to your press releases. Sample press release included!
Lisa Gordon, Inspirational Speaker & Career Strategist
Value $47
The Power of Giving Back – An Excerpt: This excerpt from one of Lisa's most popular motivational speeches is about the unique power you have to make a difference. "The Power of Giving Back" will recharge your "wellness batteries" and inspire you to bring meaningful balance to your life.
Joanne Eckton, Business Performance Architect
Value $79
Teleseminar: "Taking Care While Taking Charge: Simple Strategies for the Overworked and Overwhelmed to Get More Done While Improving Happiness at Work." Learn how to take charge of your business and take care of your team, so your business takes care of itself.
Deborah Bishop, International Speaker, Author and Award Winning Performer
Value $97
Teleseminar: "Add More Zeros at the End of your Bank Statement." Enjoy earning more with less effort, and take your lifestyle to a whole new level! Learn how to become completely happy with your finances, your business and your lifestyle!
Minnie Byers, Entrepreneur and Consultant
Value $79
Teleseminar: Make Money Now! Learn how to get out of your own way and make some money! Use your talents to put money in your pocket IMMEDIATELY.

Please get me my book!

May you soar to tremendous heights of success!!

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